If you are one of those people that “cannot just stay in one place”, Aegina is the place for you! Activities like archaeological tours, relaxing by the beach, hiking, bird-watching, yoga sessions, kayak, diving, horse riding, and pilgrimage tours are available for you! Many visitors who came to Aegina, reserve a special place in their heart and consider this place of the world as their personal refuge!

Historical Heritage:
Aegina houses one of the most important historical landmarks of Greece, the Temple of Aphaia which dates back to 500BC and is surrounded by a unique natural habit. The myth says that Aphaia (female ancient deity) escaped from ancient Crete and was washed out in Aegina island. A fascinating fact is that 3 of the most important temples in Greece, Aphaia Temple (Aegina island), Temple of Hephaestus (Athens city) and Temple of Poseidon (Sounio), form a mystical triangle where the distance of the latter two is exactly the same!

Aegina also holds a special place in the modern Greek history. After the liberation, it was the first Capital of Greece. Do not miss a visit at the old Governor’s house in town center where the first steps for the future of modern Greece where conceived!
Another important landmarked at the town is The Tower of Markellοs which dates from the 17th century, as it is considered to be part of the fortifications that protected the harbor and used by the Venetians as a watchtower. 

It is the island of the artists, where some of the most important names lived for a period of their lives. Names like Odysseas Elytis, Nikos Kazantzakis, Yiannis Moralis and many others considered Aegina as a source of inspiration. Walking by the costal road full of

Neo-Classical mansions, you will feel that Aegina still preserves the aura of a special and unique place.

City Vibe:
Aegina town: As soon as you disembark, pass by the Floating groceries docked side by side which offer a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables! Do not hesitate to buy a fresh fruit and experience your first delicacy of Aegina island!
A necessary stop in town is a food tasting of sweets & ice cream made from the world famous Pistachio of Aegina. A recommended spot is opposite the promenade in a traditional Pastry shop that dates back to the 50s!
Leaving the seaside, take a turn inside the quite little alleys and wonder around it’s elegant local market. Visit the trendy boutique clothing shops, handmade jewelry and pistachio related food products, the local dairy markets with the signature Geremezi cheese.
Do not miss a stop at “Fistiki” where in the shop’s display among the clothes- accessories, a surprise awaits, a cat named “pardalo” relaxes in her pillow!
After your exploration, it’s time for a pit stop. Experience an authentic tradition by having a Greek coffee in the traditional kafeneia (cafes) of the Town Hall, next to the fish market. There you will find yourself amongst many different figures of the island, from fishermen to well-known artists as well as tourists.
The sun is near to set, it’s time for a relaxing walk at the marina during the Sunset, where you will see a display of numerous small wooden boats (Kaikia) that supply the island with fresh fish and also recreational Sailing boats. For those who are interested in a more relaxing vibe, a ride on the horse-carriage may be the best way for a first acquaintance with the city of Aegina. Fun fact: There are numerous jokes about the Aegina coachmen and their horses, just ask the locals..

Local Delicacies:
Aegina is famous for it’s delicacy and signature dishes. Remember to order Katsoules (local fish with a sweet flavor due to special composition of the water), smoked grey mullet (ask for them by the name “lykorinos”). Accompany your seafood with a local vintage Roditis or Savatiano wine. For dessert, have something with local produced honey and the world famous Pistachio of Aegina.

Starting your exploration in the outskirts, what better way than to take a boat ride in the blue green waters. Head out to Perdika small harbor and commence your marine adventure with a 10 minute sail to the island of Moni. The island is home to many peacocks, deer and goats and since 1962 has been declared as a natural animal husbandry park. Upon return to Perdika, stay for a while and explore this small picturesque village. Take a stroll at the village’s narrow Cycladic like alleys and marvel it’s dreamy views.

The beaches of Aegina resemble those precious secrets that someone keeps only for himself. The smooth “silky” dive in Aegina’s waters is enhanced by the scent of pistachios and eucalyptus trees that permeate the atmosphere and douse you with a sense of relaxation. Spots like Marathona beach, Vagia beach, Souvala beach, Aghia Marina Beach and many other.

For the deeply religious folks, Aegina has many interesting churches and Monasteries worth visiting. One of the most important landmarks is the Monastery of Agios Nektarios. One of the largest Monasteries of Greece and one of the largest orthodox churches in the Balkans.