Agios Nikolaos

A magical place. Wherever you gaze and as far as the eye can see, you witness a living painting. The ancient Greeks believed that the world was made up of four elements, wind, water, earth, and fire. And how wise did nature use these elements when Agios Nikolaos was created!
You can see the wind giving life to the sails of the boats, you can hear the wind rustling through the leaves in the green olive groves.
Earth is in every step you take, you admire it in the century old stone-built monasteries, you caress it in the curves of the statues, and you can see it in the hands of the local farmers and textile craftsmen.
Water is seen whilst you gaze at the blue sea that freshens the sandy beaches and the souls of people!
Well for the fire, you will have to take a closer look and you will only witness it for few brief moments! It is when the sun sets and burns the sea, when the candles burn in churches under the peaceful chanting but most of all you will feel it in the hearts of the people living their lives to the fullest and enjoying the most precious things, love, hospitality, innocence, and joy!

Agios Nikolaos town
Undoubtably one of the most beautiful town harbors in Greece with tree-lined pedestrian streets, cobalt blue waters, hidden churches, and a small lake surrounded by restaurants and rocky cliffs, this is a must-see place! Take a walk in the lagoon called by the locals Lake Voulismeni and pass by the small wooden boats enjoying the relaxing vibe of the whole area. Urban myths have it that this lake is bottomless and that it is connected with the Santorini volcano! Take a stop at the old Byzantine church of Agios Nikolaos which by the way the whole town was named after it!
Before venturing into town, make take a break for some Skaltsounia, a traditional bakery delicacy with a subtle sweet taste.
Afterwards, take a turn inside the alleys and soak into the town real vibe. You shouldn’t miss a stroll in Agios Nikolaos after dark, all the shops are open into the evening, restaurants lining the lake and the port comes to life!

Elounda bay is one of the most beautiful sceneries in Greece! A natural landscape with calm waters, wild landscapes and ultimate views that seem to have been taken out of a postcard!
Besides the most common categories of accommodation, Elounda area offers some of the most luxurious infrastructure in whole Greece. VIPs from the worlds of film, sport, and politics are drawn to Elounda due to the discrete service provided by its exclusive modern hotel complexes set in landscaped grounds with villas and suites. Here you will find extravagant extras such as helicopter landing areas, golf courses, private pools, Jacuzzis, saunas, gyms, and personal chefs.
Once in Elounda, visit the graphic harbor of Schisma with its fishermen lifestyle and soak into the local folklore! For a memorable seafood experience, look for Vritomartes taverna on the harbor, placed on the small artificial islet! Afterwards, hire a boat and explore by sea this unique scenery of small coves and crystal green blue waters!

For an intriguing experience, you might consider visiting Spinalonga, this small island was perfectly fortified by the Venetians in respect to aesthetics and architecture. In later years, this islet played a different role as it became a lepper colony. Stroll around its eerie stone-built streets and imagine how life might have been on those troublesome times of the past. This is one of those places that you will always remember...

If you are looking into a taste of Paradise on earth, you should visit the beaches of Voulisma, Ammos, Kitroplateia. For the ultimate Exotic experience, you should take a day trip to Vai. A Palm beach forest 96 kilometers east of Agios Nikolaos. Once you arrive, you will find yourself in a dense Palm tree area which will lead you to a golden sandy shore with crystal turquoise waters.

For a trip into the Myths, take a drive to Lasithi Plateau and visit one of the alleged places where the king of gods, Zeus was born, the Diktean Cave. An impressive cave with stalagmites and stalactites.

Culinary Experience
Freshness of food is essential, simplicity in preparation is perfection, local herbs is the secret. Local cuisine captivates all the and offers you a unique journey into the senses! An absolute delight deriving from one of the healthiest diets of the world. Olive oil, olives, local herbs, fresh fish, and homegrown meat are used for the daily meals. Try the local bakery goodies, the unique Cretan pies and the slow cooked meats and you will be coming back for more!