Only 160 kilometers from Athens, Arachova is perfect for Weekend escapes.
Considered by many as the Queen of the Greek villages, Arachova stands ageless on the mountain slope. Arachova did not become one of the most popular destinations by chance, the idyllic scenery, vivid night life, delicious local cuisine, and graphic cobblestone alleys are the areas trademarks. This village is the perfect match of traditional folklore and trendy life style.

Mountain Set up
Graphic and beautiful in its Amphitheatrical set up, full of stone-built houses and steep small alleys, prepare to be amazed by the spectacular Panoramic view.
Venture in the outdoors, starting from the bridge of Arachova and take a step back to enjoy the breathtaking view. Then, make your way to the town Clock which the locals call “e ora”. In the old days around 1895, this was the bell tower of the nearby church. This was the case till a local monk took the initiative and raised the money to turn the tower into a clock. During that time, this was considered quite radical as the locals did not use clocks for their everyday life.
Take a walk at the main street where most of the shops are situated. Apart from the bars, restaurants, and cafes, you will be surprised to find trendy clothing-accessory boutiques. Here you will also find unique souvenirs collections like Shepperd’s crooks.
Let yourself be lost in the maze of its upper town cobblestone alleys which the locals call “kalderimia”. Soak in the scent of the flowers which decorate the village houses and experience smells coming out of the local kitchens where the housewives prepare the family’s next meal. Head uphill through the small neighborhood alleys, all the way up to Ai Giorgi church where a rewarding experience awaits for you. The best view of the whole village!
If you like having your meal at the busiest spot of the town, head to the main square and enjoy your brunch. Most shops here offer hearty western brunches under the relaxing lounge music.

Food Experience
As for the food experience, well, Arachova has dozens of restaurants to choose from. Many recipes are traditional and go back decades, some of them are even run by the third generation and have a history of almost 100 years. The decoration of these restaurants is filled with folklore and memorabilia that take you back in time. Traditional Barbeque dishes made by home grown stock, melted cheese delicacies and fresh vegetables, delicious legume recipes, are only a fragment of the local dishes that you may enjoy in Arachova. For a western taste, head to the main square and take your pick between the all day restaurant-bars for a more fine dining experience.
Besides the taverns & restaurants, save an early noon for a siesta at Papaioannou square. Take your pick from the various traditional “ouzeri” cafes for some local savory appetizers and Tsipouro drink distilled from local grapes. Then head to a local pastry for a taste of the traditional Arachova sweet called Rozie (almond paste mixed with rose water and sugar powder). It is certain that when you leave Arachova, your scale will not be happy!

Night Life
Arachova’s goes hand in hand with nightlife. After your long day, it would be wise to take a relaxing break at your hotel before the sun sets. After Arachova illuminates for the night activities, it is time for your evening venture. Explore the village center and pick one of the cozy cobblestone bars. You may either relax in a laid-back wine bar or choose a more lively bar for dancing till the late hours.

Parnassos Ski resort
Every year, skiers set their appointments at Parnassos mountain, or the “balcony of Parnassos” like some folks call it. If you come unprepared, not to worry, the area is filled with Winter sport accessory shops that either rent or sell Ski & snowboard equipment & apparel.