Chania is one of the most beautiful cities of the world, a Mosaic of civilizations, flavors, history and mountain-beach diversity. One of the most unique cities of Crete island with medieval and Venetian ambience. A place of warm hospitality, delicious food and unique people famous for their local poetry called Mantinades (the art of musical declamation in form of a narrative)

The Venice of the East

The Old town with its Venetian Harbor, is the crown jewel of Chania Province.
Venture on to the labyrinth like alleys and experience the scent of a medieval era. Pass by century old buildings decorated by colorful flowers and faded old paint, enter the numerous small cozy shops, taverns and cafes and find yourself in a different small world. Say hello to the friendly locals and if you are lucky, they will surprise you with a “Mantinada”! Take a relaxing walk by the seaside, pass by Firka Fortress dating back to 16th century. Walk along the Giali Tzami and all the way up to Neoria (16th century Venetian Ship repair area) where a Photo stop is highly suggested. Browsing by the pier, you might get lucky and run into Harry, a sociable sea turtle considered a local star that swims around the boats of the harbor and eats out of the hands of bystanders. Continue on to Machairadika district (Knife area) a symbol of the Cretan soul, rooted deep in the Cretan culture. Finish your walk at the Lighthouse for a memorable Sunset and perhaps a romantic dinner on the harbor area.

If you want a journey into a different time in the past, around Sunset time, enjoy a magical dinner at a little cozy seaside tavern at Tabakaria, the old tannery district.
During your stay at Chania, take a morning wakeup call in order to visit the Central Local food market with its 70 small stores, it’s worth it! Under this century old building, you will find tons of local traditional goods like local family home grown cheese, local distilled drinks, wine and many more delicacies!
For the best view and Sunset in the whole town, drive up to Profitis Ilias hill for a coffee or drink and last but not least, a unparallel sight!

Chania has 415 kilometers of crystal blue green waters. Moving westbound from Chania center, you will find yourself driving along the Chania Riviera! Passing by Agia Marina, Platanias, and many others, indulge yourself in the pleasures that these sandy beaches offer. Take a swim in the calm blue waters or entertain yourself in one of the numerous beach bars. Do not miss a visit to the unique beach landscapes of Balos & Phalasarna
In the outmost South West part of Chania, you will find Elafonisi, one of the top ten beaches in the world, also known as the “Cretan Caribbean”! A lagoon with impressive islets, white – pink sand and shallow turquoise waters. For sure one of Nature’s wondrous creations!
If you run into a windy day and want to avoid the waves, then Kourna Lake is the place for you. This green blue water lagoon is the biggest in the whole island and offers safe heaven from rough seas.
Vamos, the Tuscany of Crete! A restored settlement where the old architecture and traditions are alive. An off the beaten track choice for those who want the experience true folklore and get a genuine taste of the Cretan every-day life and beauty.
For one of the best landscapes with unexplored beauty is Sfakia area. The “heart of Crete” as some folks say, this is a gem rough around the edges, a mixture of Rocky Mountains, green blue waters that are guaranteed to offer unique and authentic experiences. Take a stroll at the beach side of the Sfakia Town (main settlement) and enjoy lunch by the seaside with local recipes. Also stop at Fragokastelo, a castle famous for its myths and legends, built in the 15th century and located at a dreamy sandy beach!
While visiting Sfakia area, we strongly suggest hiring a boat for a unique off the beaten track beach explorations! Do not miss a visit at the secret heaven of Loutro cove, Marmara Crystal water beach with it’s Fairytale like cave and finally Glika Nera blue Lagoon with its small springs of sweet waters!
On your way back to Chania, make a stop at Vrisses, a village covered by giant plane trees and beautiful brooks with running water. This place is a gastronomical paradise worth visiting!

For the lovers of Trekking, make sure to save a day for Samaria Gorge. A magical walking experience to the natural beauties of Chania, ending in a breathtaking beach!