A hidden Gem in Greece with the aroma of the renowned tears of the Mastic trees floating around its scenic stone medieval villages and breathtaking landscapes! This island is a living Byzantine monument rich in history and nautical tradition.

The capital of the island shares the same name as the island, Chios but once you arrive there, address it as the locals do, Chora! Scenic narrow alleys built by stone and forgotten by time invite you to explore them and get lost in this century old houses setting. The town has maintained its beauty, unspoiled by mainstream modern architecture. We invite you to wonder around its city center and soak into the culture of Chios. Track down Chotzas historical tavern with century old memorabilia and the authentic food flavors. A true trip back into the early 20th century!
When the moon rises into the sky, its time for a drink to one of the small cozy bars. For an experience that only a handful of places around the world offer, try one of the local cocktails with the unique ingredient of Mastic!

The old ladies of Chios villages like to sit outside their houses, so for you to blend in, always say hello to them and receive their local greeting!

For a Paradise on earth, drive to Kambos, utopic scenery with green hills, small bays and endless crystal blue waters. After your morning swim, go to the village and walk around this most impressive scenery full of old mansions, where stones and trees comprise a unique landscape! Before leaving, check out the local product stores and buy some tangerine jams with the distinct taste and fragrance, you will not regret it!

Now, for the signature product of the island, you will go to Mastic villages. Mastic which is a plant resin, is proved to be quite beneficial and therapeutic and its products are worth having in your diet! Unfortunately, this superfood is produced only in one place in the world, here in Chios! Therefore, you realize what a big opportunity presents itself by visiting this blessed place! From chewing gums to drinks and cosmetics, mastic is proven to contribute to a long and healthy life!

Some of these Mastic villages offer a medieval vibe as they were fortified to withstand enemy attacks and the locals call them “Kastrochoria” (the Castle villages). One of the top picks to choose from is Mesta village. Upon arrival, you will find yourself in a living museum, a fortified town made out of stone and decorated by vine leaves and lively colored bougainvillea! Enjoy a stroll in the small alleys of the village under the stone arches that form the balconies and mingle with the hospitable locals! Visit the small shops of clay artifacts and handmade woven textiles, explore the local stores with the century old food scales and perhaps consider taking home some local flavors. Now it’s about time for a pit stop, so sit in one of the cozy cafes for some refreshment. Order some local sweet syrup spoon dessert produced by local fruit and wash it down with a refreshing fresh citrus juice or some Souma (local alcoholic drink from distilled figs & grapes). Do not forget to order Kourmades which is olives ripened on the tree due to a specific species of fungus that thrives in the area.
Our next destination will be another Castle village called Pirgi. This place has something different to offer, unique geometrical motives of the decorative art called Xista. This technique of exterior decoration is cherished by the locals and for this reason they keep it alive to this day! Keep in mind that the Pirgi locals stand out from the rest of the Chios residents as their obsession with the customs and traditions is legendary! If you are lucky, during your visit you might stubble on one of their many local festivals, cease the opportunity and follow the steps of the local Pirgousiko dance, with a glass of Chios wine or Souma in your hand!
For a completely different set up, check out Kardamyla, a costal settlement being one of the oldest in the island. Take a stroll in the beautiful scenic harbor and wonder around the town’s alleys passing by the traditional carpenter workshops.
If you are a bread lover, a stop at Volissos village should not be missed! Have some Volissian bread and rusks from the traditional wood oven and accompany it with some Souma drink!
Easter at Vrontados Village is a matter of Rocket Science! On the night of the Holy Orthodox Saturday, the Villagers set the night on Fire! Members of rival churches sitting across a small valley and commence the traditional "rocket war" by firing thousands of homemade rockets towards each other, the objective is to strike the bell of the opposing Church before your rivals!

Religious Tourism
Chios is also known as the Holy Island of the Aegean. Byzantine Monuments are waiting for you to explore them throughout the island. Numerus Churches and Monasteries, creations of faith and artistic wisdom are part of the islands heritage.

Crystal Clear Beaches
Since Chios island is the 5th biggest in Greece surrounded by sea, you can imagine that the Beach choices are endless. Hereunder we suggest some spots for you but better come next Summer and explore the coast line, your ideal beach experience might be waiting for you to discover it!
A volcanic setting awaits for you in Mavra Votsala with the black pebbles that formed after the eruption of a volcano! If you are looking for quite and relaxing paradise, swim at the calm turquoise waters of Agia Dymani (Holy Force). For the ones looking to satisfy also the young ones, Karfas and Lithi are the beaches for you with many amenities for the kids.
For the Romantic lovebirds, better check out the idyllic scenery of Vroulidia.
The Party seekers should look for Glaroi beach for intense music and dancing!

Food Experience
What can we say about the Chios Cuisine! Where else is tangerine used to give meats and beans a special flavor? Where else is wine added in soups? Here you can taste the grilled Mastelo Cheese with its salty and milky texture, the Chios Fennel balls, the Mamoulia biscuits, the eggplant risotto, Sfouggato Koutsounades omelet with poppy leaves. Well the list is long and delicious…..