A turquoise-colored paradise!!
This unknown island of Mediterranean, part of Nature 2000, calls you to get lost in its magical waters, explore the rich flora, as well as its full of history sea beds.
It belongs in the south-east Peloponnese in the county of Laconia.
A small arid island with few options and residents, will win you over with its simplicity, quiet and, of course its majestic beaches.
Its waters are simply indescribable!!
Natural sand hills, compositions of cedars in the sand dunes, hidden caves and beaches accessible only by sea are a few of the elements making Elafonissos the ideal summer destination!
You are able to explore it all in 1-2 days but are they enough for you to enjoy its beauty?
No way!!
The waters, the serenity and the sea aura will enchant you and trap you for at least visiting this place at least 3 days.
The things you need to have with you?
Only a handful!! A few t-shirts & shorts, a pair of slippers, bathing suit, sunscreen and your sunglasses !!
Elafonissos, the Hawaii of Greece, one of the many places someone “must” to visit!