As soon as you reach the port entrance it’s love at first site! From the moment you arrive, your journey into history commences! Aristocratic, charming and simple. Known as the “Archontissa” (Noble Woman) of the Saronic Gulf, Hydra will captivate your heart!
A place for dreamers!

Hydra facts:
Life on this island started during the 14th century when immigrant craftsmen inhabited the island.

As soon as you get off the boat you realize one thing, there is no engine noise! Motorized vehicles such as cars, motorbikes, even bicycles are prohibited! So, the king of transport here is the Donkeys and the Donkey owners the masters of the game! Everything is moved by these incredible animals! Hence, if you need to move around, the donkey will be your best friend!
The complete lack of vehicles creates a peaceful atmosphere that set you at ease. This calm vibe is part of the locals temperament and every visitor will witness it upon arrival.

In Hydra you do not need a morning alarm, this is well taken care of by the bells of the 300 churches!

The walk in the stone-built harbor area is something unique, the whole port area is stone built and during the summertime, the harbor piers are bursting with Mega yachts and local fishing boats. All along the coast the presence of Cannons is evident which were placed there during the 18th century in order to discourage any intruder. Nowadays, the necessity of these canons is a thing of the past, but the canon set up is one of the highlights of the island.
Lose yourself in the vast network of cobble stone alleys, passing by the stone mansions with their blossomed Bougainvillea trees that offer you a journey into the past. During your walk, make a stop at the traditional old fashioned “Tsagari” pastry shop which was established in 1930! Enjoy the signature almond sweet which the locals call “Zacharobaklavades”, a tongue twister isn’t it? If you have some room left, try also the Hydraic Pudding for some extra energy which will be needed for your outdoor explorations!

Historical Heritage:
During the 1821 rebellion, Hydra possessed an impressive fleet that played an important role in the liberation that followed.

Having the Maritime culture for many years, the island has the oldest Commercial Navy Academy in the world which operates since 1749! This is a landmark worth visiting.

A visitor that came to this island and did not pass by the Pharmacy of Rafalia has surely missed and important piece of Hydra and of Greece in general! No, we are not sick and not in need of medicine, the specific Pharmacy is not famous for its products but for its history. It was established in 1890 and its premises has been identical for 130 consecutive years!

Would you like to see the outskirts of Hydra? Well, if you are not up for a very long walk, you can organize an exciting donkey ride! A different perspective of the island is Guaranteed! The donkey named Selini (moon in Greek) and her friends will take you on a ride passing by the small alleys and moving uphill towards Aghios Konstantinos. On the way, say hello to the locals, and they will greet you back with a smile! As you ascend higher and higher and reaching Aghios Konstantinos, the view gets more and more magical.
Next stop is a medieval settlement of Kiafa with the maze of narrow alleys, stone-built houses and secret gardens.
Next in line is Kaminia, a beautiful fishing settlement with a harbor filled with traditional wooden Kaikia fishing boats. This small piece of Hydra has managed to keep their traditions true by maintaining its folklore and set up for more than 50 years.

Within 2 minutes’ walk from Hydra town you will reach a magical rocky beach call Spilia(Cave) of Hydra. If you are interested in an exciting dive from the rocks, this is the place for you! The island is also ideal for boat excursions which is the best way to experience the beaches. Anchor at Dolos islet and enjoy the crystal clear green blue waters!
Other memorable notices are Agios Nikolaos pebble beach with it’s secret cave, Ai Gianni Beachand Bisti organized beach.
Last but not least is Vlychos beachwith it’s exotic atmosphere and a famous tavern offering traditional recipes. Order baked Calamari, cheese dumplings with tomato marmalade, deep fried mullet.