This is the island of Hephaestus, god-patron of metallurgy &Fire!

Surrounded by Endless Blue Sea and covered by virgin vast lands; Lemnos is a true gem waiting to be discovered!

The authenticity of Lemnos is found both in its people and in its products. In every village, in every cafe, the visitor will drink a Τsipouro or a glass of wine with appetizer (meze) or food and will enjoy the hospitality of the locals.

Unique Local Products Start your breakfast with some sweetness! Try the local Samsades and Venizelika sweets, they are perfect to start a day full of energy!
From noon onwards, the tastes of Lemnos will take you on a gastronomical journey! Well known cheese varieties, famous Volcanic Wines, local pasta, rusks, crisp bread and honey, all the aforementioned are key elements to the island’s unique food recipes. Lemnos is a true journey into taste!

Town Myrina, a beautiful town which is separated by an emblematic Castle! The old town is an ideal place to stroll around and get the local vibe! Relaxing walks in the graphic alleys is the definition of a Greek Summer! Wonder around the old mansions which will take you to a different era.
An hour before Sunset, take the uphill alley. As you move towards the hill, stone walls will appear, it’s the Iconic Medieval castle of Myrina (one of the best preserved in the whole Aegean basin). If you are lucky, you might come across the residents of the castle, none other than lovely Deer which inhabit these lands. Once you reach the top, a big reward, awaits, golden Sunset colors covering the endless blue waters and the scenic town of Myrina, a true moment of serenity and bliss!
Afterwards. return through the alleys that lead to the sea and a graphic little old port is waiting for you! Pick one of the local taverns by the seaside and order Flomaria, the local handmade pasta in its delicious tomato recipe! You can either have them with chicken or with seafood, it’s up to you!

Outskirts For a colorful traditional set up, a visit to the old mansions of Kornos and Katalakos villages is a must. Walk in this amphitheatrical setting in cobble stoned alleys and smell the flowers coming from the old houses fences. Stop at the local squares for a Greek coffee under the big trees and a friendly chat with the local villagers.
Well, its around noon time and I have just the place for your lunch! Head to the gastronomical destination of Sardes village. Check out Man Tella tavern for unique dishes specially prepared by the grandmother of the family! Do not miss the local cheese dipped in sea salt water, the “Aftoudia” twisted pasta, the special cooked eggplant and wild rabbit slowly cooked with onions and tomato.
For travelers that search for something different and unique, Cape Falakro is the place to go. Due to the Volcanic activity of the area, strange rocks where formatted when melting lava met the sea water. This gold yellowish formations are so unique that one might think that where man made!
For the adventurous ones, next stop is the famous thick sand dunes of Ammothines. Find yourself in an area of approximately 17 acres of desert! But beware, do not come with your flip flops because the sand is quite hot around noon time. A truly rare location as it is the only desert in whole Europe!
For your next visit, drive to Kotsina, a traditional picturesque fishing village in the North east side. Enjoy a relaxing stroll in the promenade and sit for a nice local meal overlooking the blue waters. Before leaving the village, visit the unique one-of-a-kind Holy Water cave! The entrance of the cave is 20 meters above sea level. Enter the door and descent into the 64 steps tunnel into the cave. Once you reach the Cave’s bottom you are now at sea level! Take a sip from the Spring’s unique Sweet water before you ascend back to day light.
For the History seekers, the archaeological site of ancient Hephaestia is surely in the bucket list. Wonder around the largest and oldest ancient city of Lemnos with its ruins of houses, cemeteries, baths, wells and a theatre of the Hellenistic period.
Now, for a touch of adventure, venture out to the seaside for exploring the water cave of Filoktitis! Beware, approaching by land is not for the faint hearted but there is another way, take a swim and enter the secret water cave where an utopian scenery awaits!
In the Southern part of the island, Kodias the village with the windmills is a place to spent a night. One of the most scenic villages of Lemnos island, Kodias is filled with plane trees and lilacs forming an idyllic scenery. Make a reservation and stay inside a traditional stone windmill in the heart of this traditional village! Around dinner time, track down the family run small tavern of San Allote and enjoy a feast with the daily specials, octapus casserole, seasonal home grown vegetables, mussels and shrimps and many other home cooked local delicacies.
For another memorable culinary experience, you should explore Lichna village on the center of the island. Dreamy recipes like mussels with local white wine, parsley salad with gruel and local herbs, aspromitika beans, local meatballs should be savored! For a religious touch, the unique setting of Panagia Kakaviotissa chapel will excite you! Have you ever visited an open top church? Well in Lemnos you have the chance to do it. This chapel was built inside a rock cavity at an altitude of 260meters and is perhaps the only standing church without a roof!

Beaches Choose between 180 dreamy beaches where you can either relax under the sun or hit the bars for a more intense experience. Swim in the endless beach of Evgati or under the rocky landscape of Thanos. Climb the sandy dunes of Gomati or chill out at Megalo Fanaraki. Relax in Havouli or Kitesurf in the windy Keros. The list of beautiful beaches is long and waits for you to discover it!
Authentic simplicity is a key feature of Lemnos and its gastronomy. Always respectful of tradition, the people of Lemnos have kept many their ways until today, as if not a day had passed!