Milos is the island – palette.

Crystal clear waters in all shades of blue, silver sand and rocks create a palette full of colors which turn it into the most collectible piece of land in the center of Mediterranean Sea.

The first thing, that those who set foot on the island will tell you, is that Milos is an erotic island where you can walk hand in hand between yards with mosaics and colorful geraniums.
In one of the alleys around the old venetian castle of the village Plaka where the view reaches the surrounding villages and overlooks the bay areas, you will stand and whisper each other words of eternal love.

But what makes it special is its beaches. Milos boasts over 75 & invites you to a beach safari to the island made of lava, ash, precious nature rocks and deep blue sea.
Other islands have many and beautiful beaches, too. However, Milos’s beaches are unique, with a fantastic scenery and dreamy waters.
The peculiarity of the landscape is due to the fact that many of the beaches were created because of volcanic eruptions.

I spent my three days there by wearing my swimwear and t-shirts. I am sure you ‘ll do the same when you go there.
I visited Milos in summer 2015. Before arriving there, I spent some days in Sifnos.
The sun was setting down. We drove along the winding roads of Milos and, at a point, we took the road which led us to Tsigrado.
We stopped right near the waves. I don’t know if it was that orange sunset or the beautiful companionship or the idea that I was on this island. That moment was one of the most beautiful of that summer.
But how I could forget the most famous beach on the island, Sarakiniko. an almost lunar landscape where massive white rocks, sculptured in beautiful formations, mingle with the crystal blue sea.
I can’t exactly describe it, but the energy is something that you have never experienced before.

In the afternoon, take a stroll in the quaint, colorful hamlet above the water known as Little Venice, where the ancient port of Milos used to be.
What makes it special? The 35 sirmata – cave-like structures once used to store boats and now holiday colorful houses with yellow, green, red & purple doors.
The tiles of the courtyard of Panagia tis Korfiatissas warm your bare feet while you take your place to see one of the most beautiful sunsets in the Mediterranean. Nearby, is charming Plaka, with the Catholic church of Panagias of Rodon, as well as inviting restaurants and quaint cafes. The capital of Milos was built in 1800 from the ancient stones of the castle.
Climb until you reach its ruins and take the time to enjoy the panoramic view from the courtyard of Panagias Thalassitra.
In Plaka’s archaeological museum, you’ll find the goddess of love herself; a life-size replica of the Venus de Milo.
Milo’s scenery seems to be constantly changing her images, her senses, her smells, her sounds, her people. And above all everything happens smoothly without drumbeats.

Somehow like this the images from Milos come to my mind through a blue filter. It is not a coincidence. Put on your swimsuit and let’s go for a … swim! .