Okay….You better lean in close since we have something we would like to share with you, and we don’t want anyone else to hear!!

Because if we had a prediction about Mitilini, it would be that this charming port city isn’t going to be Greece’s best-kept secret for much longer.
With its 6th century hilltop castle , where you can explore the rich history and enjoy breathtaking views of the town below, island, and Aegean Sea.
The city has two excellent archaeology museums, rich with Bronze Age artifacts, pottery, architectural remains, coins, sculptures, and mosaics.
Pedestrian-friendly cobblestone streets, numerous ouzo producers, and friendly people, Mitilini is as close to paradise as you’re likely to find on Earth.
This is the real Greece and the best way to experience it is to find a café or a small taverna in the village square.
There are plenty of places to choose from, but our advice is to find the loudest one, with the most old men inside (bonus point if they are singing , a sure sign that it’s a popular spot with the locals.
Enjoy a leisurely lunch of fresh calamari, salad with salty feta cheese and of course some ouzo to wash it all down!!
The third largest Greek island also boasts a plethora of therapeutic hot springs, all rumored to have healing properties.
Polichnitos is one of these and the hottest natural spring in all Europe.
The picturesque village of Plomari, is the island's economic and cultural center, while soaking in its beautiful landscapes. There is where you can explore the Olive Oil Museum, a restored olive oil manufacturing plant from the turn of the last century.
Enjoy the rich landscape, including apple, chestnut, pear, and cherry trees, on a panoramic drive to the villages of Agiassos, Antissa & the picturesque Molyvos former municipalities of the island of Lesvos.
Mytilini: Very Good for what ails you!