Beloved and unique!
What should I say first about this town?
Is there anyone who hasn’t fallen in love with it, who has not been enchanted by the old city’s mansions, by the multicolored bougainvillea plants, and by the cobblestone streets?
Only a couple of hours away from Athens there is a lovely small town which will stay in your memory for quite a while after visiting it.
Many call it the “most romantic” town in Greece, while others emphasize its rich history and fascinating location.
Nafplio smells history and makes you nostalgic.
Its magic lies in what is unseen at first glance.
Two fortresses and a miniature castle, candy-colored neoclassical mansions, a waterfront promenade lined with towering palms and a collection of delightful squares, boutiques and restaurants make Nafplio a top-notch destination for any discerning traveler.
The town that truly wears its history on its sleeve, is mainly “Venetian” in style.
It has maintained a traditional architectural style with many traditional-style colorful buildings and houses, influenced by the Venetians.
Fine Ottoman buildings have also survived from the four-and-a-half centuries of Turkish occupation. Adding to that, modern-era neoclassical buildings are also preserved in this historical city.
Nowadays, this city has an elegant and sophisticated charm.
Once you get here, strolling around the city center and enjoying the old buildings and the boutiques is a must; the central Constitution Square has a mosque-cum-cinema at one end and the Venetian warehouse-cum-museum at the other, it is marble-paved and it has to be one of the most attractive squares in Greece.
The other mosque nestling unobtrusively by palms in one corner was the first Greek parliament.
This beautiful old city of Nafplio has a wealth of narrow alleyways and streets, steep stairs that are more widely spread and neatly organized.
This marks the development of the town itself from a first sheltering under the castle walls to an effusion of civic pride along the seafront.
Fortifications of the city include the Acronauplia fortress (standing tall behind the Old Town) dating back to the Bronze Age.
Can you walk up the 999 steps from the city to the castle? If yes, It's time to visit the Palamidi  from which the view is stunning, and a walk on the boardwalk are good activities before go back to the city , take a last look around and say goodbye until next time…