Between the White Mountains and Psiloriti, lies Rethymno, an unparallel scenery of Rocky landscapes and beautiful beaches. Under the melodies of the Lyra (Cretan musical instrument), experience the unique gastronomical journey and the warmest hospitality you could ever find. Mantinada (Cretan art of musical declamation in form of a narrative): “The Rethymno in my heart is my talisman, and I am proud of having it as my village”

Rethymno of the past and the present welcomes you!
The famous Venetian castle Fortezza that decorates the town, was bult on 1575 by the Venetians and is the perfect start for your introduction to the old town of Rethymno. A place where many Mediterranean cultures left their mark, a cultural crossroad that offers a remarkable historic journey. Wonder around the picturesque small alleys of old town, full of vibrant colors, Venetian old mansions and small fountains. The myth has it that whoever drinks from the town’s fountains will for ever stay young! While wondering on the old town alleys, do not hesitate to dig into the unique gastronomical experience, taste authentic Cretan crust pies, sweet syrup desserts and savory delicacies that you will never forget!
The town beach completes this beautiful scenery! Take a relaxing stroll and recharge your batteries for your next exploration by having a coffee or drink in one of the traditional coffee shops.
If you hear a fast passed tuned, follow it and you will see the unique “Pentozali” dance, one of the most impressive folklore dances Greece has to offer!

Rethymno is home to some of the rearrest tulips and orchids in the world, found in the magical plains.
For the Natural beauty lovers, a drive to Agios Antonios Gorge! Enjoy a walk through the local vegetation and enter the Cave for an otherworldly experience. Afterwards, it’s time for a break, have a delicious BBQ meal under the umbrella of the imposing huge tree lines. A similar paradise for the Hikers is also the Kourtaliotiko Gorge which is home to many species of indigenous wildlife.
Staying on the South side and taking a drive down a road paved below huge rock formations, you will reach Preveli area. Home to the Spiritual Preveli Convent and to the homonymous famous beach. Reaching the shores, you will witness an incredible phenomenon, a river ending in the sea where you have a tropical forest of Palm trees. A truly unique spot worth visiting!
On the South side, a magical seaside place to visit is Plakias, a spot for enjoying the sea and sun but also a heaven for climbers.
As for other memorable beaches, do not miss a swim at Kalypso’s rocky scenery, Bali beaches for the demanding ones and finally Ammoudi beach for the seekers of peace and tranquility.

Rising 2,456 meters, the National Park of Psiloriti is the highest mountain of whole Crete island and ideal for the hiking enthusiasts.
During your stay at Rethymno, the food experience will be sublime! Taste Raki (local drink distilled from grapes) and Wine, accompanied by delicious treats like Graviera cheese, Stamnagathi greens, lamb baked on the special process of “Antikristo”, asparagus and escargot. But the aforementioned are only few of the gastronomical treasures that are in stored!