Famed for its sugar-cubed houses, incredible number of pristine beaches and steadfast traditions, Serifos is one of the hidden gems of Cycladic islands.
Some islands remain essentially unchanged. Serifos, in Cyclades, is one of them, a wonderful destination for those who looking for something above and beyond a glittery façade.
Serifos has a unique beaty and charm and as it is one of the non-famous Cycladic islands, make sense why the Athenians come here as most of international travelers have not heard for Serifos before.

It is an “undiscovered” island where the top things to do revolve around appreciating its undeveloped wild landscape, stunning & beautiful beaches and authentic island atmosphere!

I really love that Serifos is calm and quiet, and it isn’t touristic.
The fact is some Greek islands, like Serifos, aren’t on the international travel circuit, and that is fine.
It has become known as one of the best Greek islands for couples, families and group of friends.
You could put it down to the many beaches and intriguing history, centering on the island’s ancient iron era and copper mines and tales of mythology involving Perseus and Medusa.

If you like rugged countryside, you will be impressed by the wonderful shapes nature has sculpted into the hillsides.
Meanwhile, in the port of Livadi, memories of older, more innocent times will come flooding back.
The beaches in this island are pretty much just as nature left them with blue-green waters.
If you know there isn’t a tavern to grab a cold drink or a Greek salad as a light lunch , you simply pack a cooler of sandwiches and drinks and spend the day in peace and quiet!!

Blue or green , shallow or deep waters, sand or pebbles, shaded or sun-drenched, blessed by a chapel or garnished with its very own taverna? The choice is yours.. Take your pick of award-winning beaches!

And then there is Serifos’ main town “ Chora”, a vision in brilliant white cascading down a conical hill and one of the most beautiful to gaze upon in the Cyclades. And that’s saying something!!
The white washed houses cling to each other as they perch on the rim of vertical rocks above Chora.
Throughout the Cyclades one of the unique things you can do is get “lost” in the fantastic white washed villages.

A stairway leads higher and higher to the Venetian Castle that encloses four white washed chapels with blue domes.
If the view from the Castle isn’t enough and you want to enjoy the Aegean Sea from even higher up, then head up the Petria footpath above Chora. The view of the main town from the top is so spectacular you will feel like you are flying.
Petria is an easy, well signed footpath and definitely an experience not chosen by the average visitor. Make sure to take an extra big lungful on the aromas of the wild herbs and bushes along the way.

On Serifos’ main square, Pano Piatsa, at night it becomes one big party as the tables fill with appetizers, ouzo, raki & drinks, chickpeas and slow-cooked goat with potatoes, the delicious local gastronomy tastes.
Must to ask for marathotiganita (fennel fritters), ksinomizithra with kapari (local soft white cheese with local caper) & sun-dried tomatoes!!

In Serifos you will love nothing more than being close to nature. Serifos’ bees produce honey with a distinct aroma of wild thyme and lavender that is about to be awarded Protected Designation of Origin status.
The sight of the honey being harvested in July, accompanied by local music and glass of locally brewed rakomelo ( Raki aperitif with honey) is a treat that can only be experienced in Cyclades.

Enjoy the fresh breeze and the vibes that this island brings at the reach of your hand and come & chill out in Serifos : an untamed beauty that changes with the light….