A gem somewhere in the Aegean Sea.
A myth, an entire book with rocks, beauty, delicious food, divine ceramics & stylish life.
Surrendered to the wind that brings aromas of the sea ,as well as high island gastronomy, Sifnos has the ability to make us forget the return, to feel like a small child in a pastry shop: we want to try everything!!
The island with its 369 churches and countless festivals smells of myrrh and thyme and displays its beauties under the dazzling Apollonian light.
Lying down, swimming, taking long hike walks, rambling, excellent food, drinks, dance, hugging and kissing…..and above all the burning sun……it’s getting hot!!
This is Sifnos : the refined Cycladic Lady!

And as you lie on the beach, sun-bathing and drinking your ice coffee, you suddenly see the love of your life….And all of the sudden you lose him…either in the crowd or somewhere in the waves…
A piece of advice!!
Don’t start looking for him around the beaches of the island and of course, stay away from the waves. One thing is for sure. You will see him again in the night at the “Steno’ ( central alley).
And where exactly is “Steno”? But of course, in Apollonia the capital of the island. Spend the night entering and leaving the trendy bars and listening to Jazz, Soul, Rock, alternative and mainstream music ,drinking cocktails, raki or water melon shots to meet the locals and learn the secrets of pottery for which they are proud of.

“Clay is earth and by transferring ideas to clay you enliven the earth” they say.

If there is one village that you must definitely visit, is the Castle, the old capital that retains its fortified medieval form and its “ tight-knit- houses.

This is what Sifnos does to you. It embraces you in such a way that you feel that this hug is meant only for you.
You feel that the food was prepared for your pleasure only.
This relationship becomes personal by itself. Here, good taste in everything is the norm, not the exception.

Unlike other places, Sifnos does not steal your heart but it becomes part of it.
You have a place for Sifnos in your hurt and you keep it there even when you are away reminding you of life’s joy.
Reminding you of the breath of fresh air, of sage and jasmine, of palatable flavors that make your underbelly happy of the laughs and partying, of the local people whom you love.

Sifnos is not a place that you visit.
It is a place that you always return to….