It is said of these islands that lure you into an energy vortex from the very first second that you get off the boat and feel your mind flooded with a deafening silence.
One of these islands is Tinos where the beau forts of the island “dance” with your hair at the same time.

A place with intuition, “feels” every traveler.

Calm and serene, wild and adventurous, it generously offers the waves of her seas and winds for your games.
Beautiful and delicate, she whispers in your ear art stories of great artists, she talks to you about sculpture, painting and marble, expressing to the maximum the need of every creator to touch the artistic ecstasy.
Extroverted in its tradition, it challenges you to awake your palate and your emotions with its gastronomic wonders and inexhaustible flavors.
Hospitable and sincere in the rigid religions, she finds a way to combine the Greek Orthodox with the Pan-Hellenic religious symbol, the miraculous Panagia (Virgin Mary) of Tinos.

If you pass in a hurry , there is a possibility that you will misunderstand Chora, the capital of the island, as it keeps its secrets well-guarded.
It only asks you to spend time with it, to talk in the labyrinth alleys of the old town and to make a journey to the 19th century.
Alleys, arches, old churches but also villas with large gardens with fruit and vegetables, ravines and fountains, paved alleys and houses with coats of arms, generously give an island city that hides a lot of history.
But everyone leads the faithful to the complex of Panagia who from the northern end of the city seems to be watching , embracing and protecting her.

Pyrgos is the largest village of Tinos and the place where the Cycladic beauty and tradition finds its expression 100%.
A traditional settlement reminiscent of an open museum from every corner is admirable. This is the village of marble sculpture , the place that “gave birth” to great artists such as Giannoulis Halepas.
Strolling around you could not miss the café in the central square where you will taste Greek coffee in the kettle and sweet varieties like orange pies, Ekmek and sweet milk pies with cinnamon to accompany them with.

Tinos is a very generous island. As long as you are left alone, it will lure you to enjoy yourself!