About Us

Created in 1998. Renaissance Hellas continues to set new standards in travel business.

Head office in Athens, Greece and branch office in Istanbul, Turkey

Our mission is to help you see Greece differently and create a once -in-a life experience.

We believe the biggest attraction in every trip lies in the unknown.

On every journey, we are drawn to what make us different, cause this is what bring us together.

At Renaissance Hellas, we travel with an open mind & heart approaching each destination passionately.

We may experience the same things , but we each interpret them differently & this had happened as the key is to find the advisor and relationship that works for you.

We are a team of more than 40 experienced, passionate professionals, delivering high quality services for individuals tailor made & a la carte itineraries, Honeymoon packages, Thematic Tours, Gastronomy adventures, Hiking explorations, Luxury unique experiences, yacht, villas, business, MICE & Congresses.

We partner with local travel collaborators that share our passion for truly discovering a destination.

We build relationships based on mutual respect & trust.

Let us put our experience to work for you!!